Contextual Advertising

Receive Extra Visits, Leads, or Sales Without Overpaying.

About Contextual Ads

Contextual Advertisement ranks amongst the most advantageous routes for inciting conversions and build the traffic that corresponds to the targeted requirements. The fundamental key words and advertisement texts may be identical to the ones implemented in search engine ads, yet the efficiency of contextual network choice is proven to be considerably higher.

How Does It Work?

ENATIMEDIA contextual ad framework enables you to set and reach targeted clientele at any continent by implementing the area-specific keywords. Our systems perform the non-stop monitoring of publisher sites and show the inbuilt and interstitial ads on those ones that fit the set criteria.

Get Superlative ROI

The reduced expenses as compared to search engine options generate much more profitable returns on visitor, lead or sale.

Quality Traffic
ENATIMEDIA incessantly verifies, evaluates and filters the whole range of traffic implementing the unique certified methodology.
ENATIMEDIA’s skillful account managers cooperate with our clients to help them achieve the top-notch ROI. There’s also an option of handling the campaigns via self-serving system as well as integrating ENATIMEDIA API.
Elaborate Bidding
ENATIMEDIA implements the auto-discounting system that uses the data from the publisher statistics. This means the overpaying is excluded!