Advertiser Resources

Creative Specifications
for Display Ads

The email for sending your creative assets and click links can be found at the
contact section. Be kind to direct them there.

Creative SizeStandardFormatsFile Max SizeAnimation Max Length
300×250Medium RectangleJPG, GIF, SWF39.9k0:15
728×90LeaderboardJPG, GIF, SWF39.9k0:15
160×600Wide SkyscraperJPG, GIF, SWF39.9k0:15
320×50MobileJPG, GIF, SWF39.9k0:15
300×250MobileJPG, GIF, SWF39.9k0:15

Additional Requirements

  • Submission time is 24 hours before the launch of campaign.
  • Please include 1 pixel-wide black frame.
  • Animation clip should be no longer than 15 secs, looping included.
  • The use of flash or HTML creatives requires the provision of backup image in GIF or JPEG format in case your creatives will be incompatible with certain browsers.
  • Please apply clickTAG option.

Flash Creative

  • Creative should include a hidden button covering the whole ad unit, with the following action script: on (release) { getURL(clickTAG); }
  • General clickTAG look:
on (release) {getURL(clickTAG, “_blank”);}
on (release) {getURL(clickTag, “_blank”);}