Cookies Policy

Cookies are little text files containing small portions of information and stored on any devices users browse from. They are created when a website is visited for the first time. During every visit in the future, cookies are sent back to the website to ensure consistency in terms of user experience. In fact, these files help the website to recognize the user and customize the interface, layout and information presentation in accordance with preferences previously set by the visitor.

While simple and easily manageable, this smart tool is rather comprehensive and multifunctional. Once remembered your preferences, it will apply them every time you visit the same website. Additionally, it secures smooth navigation between pages. Now, cookies are also widely used to offer users ads matching their interests instead of displaying the same random ads to everyone.


Cookies store no personally identifying information. They are used only to identify a PC or mobile device the website is visited from.

Enatimedia uses cookies to provide the ultimate user experience. So if you want to get the most out of your browsing, no matter what kind of device you use, make sure cookies are always enabled in your browser settings. Otherwise, you will have reduced functionality only.

These user-end files store and provide us information used to understand your specific scope of interests when you visit our website. By using cookies we can gauge the effectiveness of our advertising efforts.

More detailed information on how and why we use cookies and what namely cookie types we use can be found in the cookies list below. All cookie types listed there have been categorized in accordance with guidelines provided by International Chamber of Commerce (UK) as of April 2012.


  1. Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies have been designed to provide users an opportunity to use specifically requested functions. That is they help you take advantage of the whole range of Enatimedia website’s functionality. Without them, relevant shopping and checking-out features can be unavailable or significantly restricted.


  1. Performance Cookies

These cookies are used to collect and store information about the way visitors use Enatimedia, including which pages they use most often, what error messages are generated by web pages etc. Along with that, they do not collect any user-identifying data. They record and send aggregated information only, so a visitor’s anonymity is always observed. In fact, this kind of cookies is needed to developers to improve their website’s performance.


  1. Functionality Cookies

The primary purpose of using these cookies is remembering the visitor’s choices like a username, language settings etc. They serve as a personalization tool and secure more custom user experience.

All the three cookie categories listed above help us maintain and maximize effectiveness of the Enatimedia website, keep browsing simple and smooth and provide you the best and seamless user experience. That being said, they can be disabled and enabled only together, not separately, as the latter would not have any sense. To get the best functionality opportunities when visiting and using our website, you have to let us place all these kinds of cookies on your desktop or mobile device.


  1. Targeting and Advertising Cookies

Enabling or disabling cookies of this kind will have no crucial effect on website operation. They only help us to provide you the most relevant ads. Additionally, they help us gauge the effectiveness of our promotional and advertising campaigns. In fact, these cookies are placed on your device by third party advertisers, which is agreed with Enatimedia and you as a user. Disabling these cookies will still make it possible for you to use the whole functionality of our website.