Display Advertising

Monetize Every Single Impression.

Network-Based Display Offer

ENATIMEDIA offers the network-based armamentarium for display ads aimed at highly efficient ad campaigns. We never restrict ourselves to the classical or obsolete approaches, and therefore we incessantly strive to render the best solutions in terms of costs to quality ratio.

Real-Time Provisioning

While the single-site options limit you to the fruitful CPM on a couple of websites, ENATIMEDIA is engaged in buying proficient and reliable spaces for advertisement in a real-time mode on your selected domain ranges. This allows the maximization of visit counts without enlarging or endangering the budget, and besides we ensure the top displays for your commercials online

Amazing In-Banner Video Solutions

ENATIMEDIA’s personalized colorful banners on the video background are able to attract the visitors no matter what site they are placed on. In-banner video ads are workable on iOS-based smartphones, which is their definite advantage over flash ads.

Better Than Single-Website Option
ENATIMEDIA’s publishing web with inbuilt targeting technologies makes possible to save essential sums as compared to single-website solutions that you may come about.

Versatile Targeting Policies
The targeting is now not restricted to some specific device and has available options for choosing domain ranges with such filter parameters as age, sex and many others.

Design as a Gift
ENATIMEDIA offers complimentary banner design services for those who join our network for advertising. Just make sure to ask about the conditions.