Our Team

Let us introduce the ENATIMEDIA’s leading staffers

Edward Welsh

Founder & CEOWhen founding the ENATIMEDIA Bryan had a clear-cut objective: to furnish publisher and advertiser clientele with potent, inexpensive and uncomplicated marketing campaigns rolled into one. This was the challenge he followed during more than 15 years. His significant experience in digital marketing and business world was handy in developing his initial venture that was focused on search ads into something definitely bigger, namely successful and prospering network. Bryan has a reputation in the digital advertising community of an innovator and bold trailblazer, who is one of those who help advertising industry grow and shape its current and future outlook. Bryan is not only a virtuous CEO, but also a caring parent, courageous traveler and amateur surfer.

Gerard Rosenblatt

Chief Technology OfficerGerard had a privilege of training at some of the pioneering companies in the online marketing industry. Now he has impressive two decades of experience in the technical project managing, and is working with ENATIMEDIA almost from the beginning. At out firm, he is responsible for the technical development and scaling up of our major ad products and services. Gerard likes skiing, sushi, basketball, and his cat.

Werner Savitski

Financial ControllerWerner is ENATIMEDIA’s key financial specialist with serious and impressive background both in finance and digital marketing field. Before becoming ENATIMEDIA’s controller, he worked for several big businesses, banks and online marketing ventures. Werner received his bachelor degree from the University of Minnesota where he was trained by some of the giants of finance. He likes fishing on holidays, playing his guitar in the evenings, and nursing his little son.

Richard Neuburg

VP of Publisher ServicesRichard’s job at ENATIMEDIA is overseeing, optimizing and planning the development of our publisher network. Within his responsibilities are also the building of business contacts, search for potential markets as well as product development. Prior to ENATIMEDIA Richard has proved himself on several key positions in big marketing firms where he was responsible for public relations, company development and supervision of engineering team. Some of those firms remain grateful to Richard for helping them become what they are. Besides, Richard has the knowledge of graphic design and copywriting, and is working on mastering web development. He is a graduate of USF School of Management. Outside of the office Richard pursues keen interest in art, music and psychology.

Anna Jones

Director of SalesA key staffer of ENATIMEDIA, Anna handles the enhancement of performance and development of our advertising channels. Since 2008, she managed the marketing campaigns for international firms from their planning stage to the operation and optimization. She is a certified sales manager and a bachelor of Business Administration. Besides the job, Anna likes cooking, going to cinema and seeing other countries.

Rajkumar Kapoor

Director of ITRajkumar’s passion for computers started in very early childhood, and it was natural for him to pursue education at the technical college in Springfield and later at MIT. He’s been in the IT area for almost 20 years both as full-time employee and as a freelancer, working on software and hardware development and various practical solutions. Rajkumar is a staunch supporter of interdisciplinary contacts that help to achieve the optimum solutions for business and marketing. He likes spending time with his wife and children, playing videogames, and jogging.

Adam Kruk

Director of Software EngineeringAdam is one of the most experienced members of ENATIMEDIA and probably one of the most seasoned software engineers out there. He started his career back in the 1990’s and has since developed literally thousands apps and programs. From early 2000’s on he was working on key supervising and managing positions in the software development firms, and for the last 15 years he was also related to digital marketing. We are very happy to have Adam as part of our team, and our clients are no less happy to deal with an expert like him. Outside of the office Adam like fishing, painting, and walking his dog.