Privacy Policy

Enatimedia is committed to protecting your identity and any personal information you provide us. This document gives you full insight into why and how we collect our users’ data, what we use it for and how deeply we are concerned about your privacy protection.


  1. How We Use Visitor Information

Enatimedia collects user-specific information provided by our visitors online as well as information related to activity of every user on both our website and third party websites they may access through links posted on our pages.

Also, information on your participation in our promotions and special deals as well as any information you may provide us in the form of reviews or feedback can be collected.

All this collected information, no matter how it is obtained, is used only to enhance user experience, make our interaction with visitors more personal and provide the latter with personalized services. Contact details you provide can also be used for direct communication if necessary. We can use your email address to send news and special offers related to Enatimedia products and/or services. If we find some third party offers can be interesting to you, we can inform you of them via email too. In rare cases, we can use mail, phone or text messages as an alternative way of communication. Our messages never contain spam; we send only relevant information carefully selected based on your personal preferences and online activity history.

Major purposes we may collect your data for include the following: billing and accounting, payment verification, safety and security control, legal compliance verification, aggregated statistical analysis, marketing studies, testing new website features, user experience improvement, customer surveys, identification of your major preferences in regard to products or website functionality and others.

This kind of feedback from our website visitors is a valuable source of relevant information for us. That being said, we reserve the right to contact you by all the aforementioned means to find out your opinion on subjects we believe important for our business relations. Certain administrative and operational issues may also prompt us to seek feedback from you.

By analyzing and categorizing the collected information, we are able to improve our business offers, build a more efficient website and support our clients.

The information we collect is stored on dedicated servers, in-house or third-party, and securely protected with cutting-edge cryptographic solutions.


Along with our staff, access to your information may be granted to contractors who act on our behalf to perform certain tasks in full accordance with this Policy.


  1. Tracking Activities

To monitor and locate customer behavior patterns on our website, we use special tracking software designed by third party developers. The system helps us reveal and factor in your specific preferences and requirements to provide more customized services. You should know that this software is unable to capture and extract so-called personally identifying information.


  1. Check Your Personal Data

Any time, you can request a copy of your personal information stored in our system to find out what we know about you and make sure we adhere to this Policy.

As for call records, Enatimedia deletes all copies of calls from our clients after 90 days.

Once received your request for a copy of information records, we usually start processing it within the following ten (10) business days. Note that we may need you to provide us more information to launch the process, in which case we contact the requester and ask them to send us that extra data within thirty (30) days. If the user refuses, the request remains unanswered.

In case of any questions or concerns related to how we protect your personal data, feel free to contact us at;


  1. Security of Transmitted Data

We use state-of-the-art 128-bit encryption techniques to securely transmit your data over the Internet.

In accordance with international digital data protection laws and practices, we apply encryption procedures to your information stored on our servers, in-house and third-party. These measures are taken to prevent any unauthorized access to the information our customers entrust us. On the other hand, these security measures mean we may ask you to undergo authentification prior to process your request for data retrieval.

In those cases when Enatimedia partners with third party contractors and discloses your information to the latter, we make sure that such partner of us has security measures in place, which correspond and match those implemented by Enatimedia itself. The only exception to the rule is the situation when we are required by law to disclose your information to government and law-enforcement agencies.

Your data is stored during a reasonable period of time unless otherwise stipulated by the law.


  1. Use of Cookies

Cookies are little files containing small portions of information and stored on the user end. This information is used by your browser to provide more customized browsing experience. No personally identifying information is recorded to these files. You can delete cookies and disable their use any time from browser settings.

Generally, web browsers are set to accept cookies automatically. While users can easily change the preference, turning off cookies will drastically reduce our website’s functionality available to you during the visit.

Also, cookies are used to manage your email subscriptions. Additionally, they help us gauge the effectiveness of promotional actions and register visitors’ behavior. That being said, we recommend keeping cookies enabled in your browser.

At Enatimedia, we are interested in providing our clients with the widest functionality. Users have the same interest. So using cookies is a powerful and comprehensive tool designed to enhance user experience and interaction with online resources. With cookies on, you can expect to obtain more information, have more activity options and take advantage of available opportunities more efficiently.


Once again, our cookies never collect personally identifying information and can be easily disabled any time.


  1. Pixels

Pixels are another smart tool designed to help us reach out to our users in the most efficient way. We use them with our emails to know who has read the message and whether it was opened at all.


  1. User Consent

By using the Enatimedia website, you give us consent to collecting and using information to the extent and on the terms described above.

Whenever questions arise in connection with this Privacy Policy and its implementation, feel free to contact our support representative any time. This Privacy Policy is subject to changes and amendment. You can always find the current version on this page to know how we handle the information you provide and under which conditions it can be disclosed to third parties.