Retarget and Engage Like a Pro.

Qualify for the Best Impact

Retargeting starts when visitors first quit your website. In such cases, the task of renewed attraction is set forth, and ENATIMEDIA aids you in redirecting the users back to you while they are engaged on other sites, and thus maximizing your ROI.

Personalized Remarketing

ENATIMEDIA develops customized retargeting ad campaigns inclusive of your objectives by supplying the engaged users with both already viewed and fresh product or service offers.

Amazing In-Banner Video Solutions

ENATIMEDIA’s personalized colorful banners on the video background are able to attract the visitors no matter what site they are placed on. In-banner video ads are workable on iOS-based smartphones, which is their definite advantage over flash ads.


Versatile Settings
The whole spectrum of parameters are available for adjusting and optimizing with the purpose of getting the most desirable ROI, and among these parameters there are such specials as the ratio of impressions to the number of retargeting period days.

Unbounded Product Insertion
ENATIMEDIA adjust the remarketing campaigns in such a way that the advertisements will be displayed to the visitors in a dynamic mode based on the recently viewed items.

Design as a Gift
ENATIMEDIA offers complimentary banner design services for those who join our network for advertising. Just make sure to ask about the conditions.