Terms of Service

Enatimedia (hereafter – Company) offers the following Terms of Service (hereafter – ToS or Terms) to its users, which are to be fully comprehended and strictly followed by the latter. As soon as you decide to continue using our website, you thereby confirm to have read, clearly understood and accepted the below Terms and give your consent to abide by their provisions.

This website is operated by Enatimedia. Please, be informed that the below Terms of Service are subject to changes and amendment, which can occur any time without any prior notice. Make sure you are always aware of the latest updates as your continued use of this website means your acceptance of the new ToS version.

Please, note that, along with the Terms given below, any and all additional agreements, if any, between you and Enatimedia must be diligently followed too.


Enatimedia Privacy Policy

To know details of how Enatimedia protects your identity and uses any personal information you provide us, please visit the Privacy Policy section of our website. The document will give you full insight into why and how namely we collect our users’ data, what we use it for and how deeply we are concerned about your privacy protection.


Enatimedia Copyright Protection

Enatimedia reserves all relevant rights in regard, but not limited, to Enatimedia’s logo, graphics, images, text, files and other type of content placed on our website, as well as the website’s design and layout and the way of presenting information.

If no specific and explicit permission or consent has been granted by Enatimedia, you may not copy, reproduce, repost, distribute, display, transmit, download or publish in any way and/or by any means including, but not limited to, electronically or mechanically copying, recording, downloading etc.

These Terms of Service permit Enatimedia’s users to view and/or use materials provided on this website for noncommercial and informative purposes only. According to this kind of permission, you may not reproduce, copy, delete, edit and/or distribute any materials provided by the Company on this website.


Enatimedia’s Trademarks

Enatimedia is a legally registered trademark. As thus, all relevant elements of the brand are protected by applicable trademark laws. This means nobody may use, reproduce or imitate the brand’s details without a prior permission explicitly and unambiguously granted by Enatimedia in the written form. The protected elements include, but are not limited to, all icons, page headers, scripts, images and graphics displayed on this website.

Along with that, certain elements belonging to third party brands may appear on the Enatimedia website, which are protected by copyrights of their respective owners.

That being said, the website’s users should refrain from extracting any elements or data displayed on the website.


Use of Links Policy

Users are allowed to post hyperlinks to the Enatimedia website. When doing this, however, they should always refrain from presenting Enatimedia in a false, misleading, defamatory or derogatory way. No registered trademark elements should be used to create the hyperlinks, if no explicit written consent has been requested and obtained from Enatimedia.

Enatimedia website may contain some links to third party websites or resources. As Enatimedia’s user, you should be aware that, once followed an outside link, you will not be protected by Enatimedia policies any more. We cannot assume any responsibility for practices and policies applied on third party websites.


Enatimedia Website User’s Obligations

We respect each and every of our users. Along with that, we expect them to abide by the policies provided in this document and other sections of our website, as well as by general codes of ethics.

Users may not undertake any actions that could, intentionally or unintentionally, damage the security of our website or that of the website’s users.

Services or information we provide on the website should not be misused or abused in any way. No actions that can result in Enatimedia server disruption or failure are allowed. You are expected to never interfere with smooth operation of our services.

Users must continuously abide by applicable laws and regulations. You agree to always indemnify us against any liability in respect to any losses and/or damage that may be caused by using goods or services advertised on our website by third parties. We cannot assume responsibility for the quality and availability of such goods and/or services.


Copyright Dispute Resolution Procedure

Enatimedia is committed to fair practices and copyright protection. With this objective in view, we abide by any and all requirements defined by applicable international and local laws. In case you find out a supposed trademark law infringement, please, inform us as soon as possible, and our dedicated copyright agent will study the matter and undertake all necessary actions to correct the situation.

If you have been authorized to report by a copyright owner, please, provide the owner’s details and the brand registration identification.

Describe the problem and support the claim with relevant documents.

Provide your preferable email address for future communication.

The claim will be investigated as soon as is reasonably practicable.

Please, find contact details on the relevant page of our website.


Indemnification Clause

If an Enatimedia user has, intentionally or unintentionally, violated these Terms of Service, national or international laws and/or regulations or any rights of other users, which caused filing a claim in regard to any damages, potential damages or law infringement, the user agrees to indemnify Enatimedia so that the Company will not be blamed under any circumstances.


Handling Materials Provided by Users

Enatimedia cannot guarantee full confidentiality of questions, comments and suggestions provided by its website’s users. The same refers to pictures and ideas you share with us, files and materials you may decide to provide us via email or through the online contact form and other materials you post on our website on your own discretion.

Once submitted, all materials provided by our users immediately become Enatimedia’s property, so the user will have no more rights in their regard. Enatimedia will not be obliged to inform the initial submitter about further use of these materials. No reward or compensation is paid to the user.


Website Use Disclaimer

Any and all materials, content, products and services presented to users on this website are provided on ‘as is’ basis. You may use them on your own risk and discretion. You carry full responsibility for results of such use.

You are not advised to fully depend on any information or products presented on this website by Enatimedia or its associated partners.

Following any links to third party websites and resources is made on your sole discretion. You should be aware of risks involved, including, but not limited to, Enatimedia’s inability to control practices and policies used on websites other than that of Enatimedia. We assume no responsibility for any loss or damage that may arise from using or downloading content of any linked websites.

If no special statement is provided by Enatimedia in this respect, we do not endorse, recommend or approve any products, services or materials that you can access through links posted on our website.

The responsibility for reliability and accuracy of any information and claims posted on third party websites lies solely on operators of respective resources.

We cannot provide any guaranties or information in respect to how those operators keep their content updated and correct, what reimbursement policy they apply, how they fix bugs and errors etc. In certain jurisdictions, this kind of limitation can be prohibited by local laws. If this is your case, you will be exempt from this provision.


Enatimedia’s Liability Limitations

Enatimedia, its associates and other involved authorized parties assume no liability for any losses, damages or other consequences Enatimedia users may suffer, directly or indirectly, from use of any content presented on this website and from unauthorized access to or misusing user details provided on the website, Please, note, that certain jurisdictions impose restrictions in regard to limiting liability for incidental or consequential losses. In this case, this section of Terms of Services can be partially inapplicable in such location.


Compliance With Laws

The content of these Terms is in full compliance with applicable laws currently in effect in the State of California, the USA, which is deemed to be a governing jurisdiction for this document. All claims in respect to the document’s provisions are to be filed with the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, California or the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.


Enatimedia Account Termination Rules

Your Enatimedia account or your access to Enatimedia website can be terminated any time on the Company’s sole discretion. In case of severe violations, certain users can be blacklisted to prevent them from accessing any Enatimedia’s websites in the future.


Exceptions to Enatimedia Terms of Service

Any part of these ToS can become void if found incompetent by the court or inapplicable in a specific jurisdiction. If this is the case, all other provisions of the ToS continue to be effective and should be observed by users.

Any waivers of conditions are to be formalized in a written form and signed by interested parties.